CCC understands the challenges your Department or Ministry faces when procuring equipment or services internationally. Drawing on decades of experience, CCC offers a customized approach to meet your specific procurement needs. We specialize in international contracting for complex procurements, offering your government an expedited procurement process on a government-to-government basis.

CCC can work with you to identify appropriate Canadian companies with the technology, expertise and experience your project requires. Our rigorous due diligence process ensures that the companies we work with have  the technical, financial and managerial capability to deliver solutions on time and on budget. This allows CCC to offer a guarantee of contract performance in accordance with the terms and conditions, backed by the Government of Canada. CCC also monitors the performance of the contract from start to finish and administers any advance payments, allowing you to mitigate the risk of project completion.

CCC can offer two procurement approaches for your next purchase from Canada.

Prime Contractor

As a Prime Contractor to governments around the world, CCC offers a cost-effective and flexible procurement solution, access to high-quality Canadian products and services, mitigation of project risks through active project monitoring and diligent administration of funds, and the assurance of the Government of Canada that the contract will be completed in accordance with its terms and conditions. We can also identify project financing, if necessary.

Procurement Agent

As a Procurement Agent for governments of other nations, CCC provides assistance with procurement strategy development, bid solicitation from Canada, supplier selection, awarding contracts, negotiating contracts, and mitigating risk through active monitoring and diligent administration of funds.