Defence and Security – What we do for other governments

CCC works with governments around the world to bring the expertise of Canadian suppliers to defence projects of any size. Our in-depth product and industry knowledge helps our allies access an advanced industrial base capable of delivering leading-edge, interoperable technology quickly and cost effectively.

We understand the challenging environment for defence procurement

International procurement can be lengthy and complex. As the Government of Canada’s agent for global defence and security sales, CCC can simplify the buying process through a government-to-government arrangement that provides quick, cost-effective solutions from trusted exporters and suppliers.

Prime Contractor

As Prime Contractor, CCC helps governments of other nations expedite international tendering through direct, reliable government-to-government contracting. We connect defence departments of allied and like-minded nations with capable Canadian exporters, signing contracts directly with the government and passing the terms and conditions on to the exporter. CCC manages the key contract elements—from due diligence on the supplier’s capabilities to customization of products and services. This gives international buyers unique, accelerated access to Canadian expertise in aerospace, defence and security and ensures they get what they need, when they need it. Our contracts are backed by the Government of Canada, guaranteeing performance and delivery. Buyers can be sure our qualified suppliers follow corporate social responsibility guidelines and ethical business practices.

Procurement Agent

CCC also acts as a Procurement Agent, sourcing equipment and expertise from Canadian suppliers through a credible, transparent process. Our unparalleled knowledge of Canadian capability, pricing and contracting methods ensures swift and cost-effective delivery under tight timelines.

We can also facilitate combined defence procurement purchasing between Canada’s Department of National Defence (DND) and allied and like-minded governments, lowering per-unit costs and increasing interoperability.

Projects we’ve supported

Canadian suppliers have worked with governments of other countries on a wide variety of aerospace and defence projects including:

  • P3 wing replacement for the Royal Norwegian Air Force
  • Bell helicopters for a South Asian allied nation
  • Infrared missile defence system for the Royal Netherlands Navy
  • Sonobuoys for the U.S. Navy
  • Aircraft maintenance simulators for the Royal Australian Air Force
  • Radar training simulator system for the Royal Norwegian Navy
  • Helicopter engineering services for the U.S. Navy
  • Flight simulators for the Italian Ministry of Defence
  • Gas masks for the Royal Netherlands Army
  • Canadarm for NASA
  • Communications and underwater detection equipment for the U.S. Navy
  • Ration packs and prepared food packages for the UK