International commercial business - Benefits for other governments

Drawing on more than 65 years of experience in government-to-government contracting, CCC provides direct access to Canadian innovation and expertise for a wide variety of major development projects.

We promote international commercial cooperation between Canada and emerging and developing countries, and support the delivery of Canadian expertise in economic and social infrastructure development. CCC helps governments of other nations negotiate and execute contracts with trusted Canadian suppliers and exporters—meeting the infrastructure needs of emerging and developing countries while promoting Canadian solutions.

CCC provides governments around the world an alternative to lengthy international tendering processes. Our in-depth knowledge of Canadian capabilities and simplified market access allows us to advance your projects in social and physical infrastructure quickly and cost-effectively.

Prime Contractor

As a Prime Contractor to governments of other nations, CCC offers an alternative to lengthy international tendering through direct, reliable government-to-government contracting. We connect governments with capable Canadian exporters, help manage key contract elements and, if necessary, identify sources of project financing. This gives international buyers unique, accelerated access to Canadian expertise and ensures on-time, on-budget delivery of Canadian solutions. Our contracts are backed by the Government of Canada, and our trusted suppliers and exporters follow stringent ethics and corporate social responsibility practices.

Procurement Agent

CCC also acts as a Procurement Agent, sourcing equipment and expertise from Canadian suppliers through a credible, transparent process. CCC can assist in the development of procurement strategies, bid solicitation from Canada, supplier selection, contract negotiations and mitigation of risk through active project monitoring. We can also help administer funds upon project completion.

When working with Export Development Canada (EDC), the Government of Canada’s export credit agency, CCC can offer a complete Government of Canada solution, including both government-to-government contracting mechanism and financing packages to support projects in emerging and developing markets around the world. CCC’s whole-of-government approach brings agencies together to find the best solutions that meet the needs of both buyers and Canadian exporters.

Projects we’ve supported:

  • Construction of the new Quito International Airport in Ecuador
  • Power generation plant in Ghana
  • Online electronic lottery in Nicaragua
  • Railway equipment to Bangladesh, Indonesia, Tanzania, and Kenya
  • Road construction equipment in Indonesia