CCC helps Canadian exporters sell to foreign governments.

If you are pursuing contracts with foreign governments, call us at 1-800-748-8191 or ask us a question​ about how we can help.

Canadian exporters look to our government to government contracting approach to navigate complex government procurement markets abroad with confidence. We help Canadian exporters with improved access to foreign government buyers, help differentiate their offer  from competition and reduce risk with our government to government approach.

Canadian exporters look to us to help with some key challenges:

Trying to gain access to foreign government buyers?

We help you gain access to senior level government officials to help advance your sale.  You can also benefit from Memoranda of Understanding we have negotiated with various foreign governments buyers for acquisitions from Canada.

Looking for a competitive advantage?

As a Government of Canada organization, we lend credibility to the deal. Stand out from your competitors by offering your foreign government buyer a government to government sole-source contract option. 

Navigating complex foreign government markets appears too risky for your company?

We reduce political, corruption and payment risk. Payments and cash flows are executed through the Government of Canada. Gain a level of comfort having the Government of Canada on your side of the negotiating table.

Finding the process of selling to foreign governments too onerous, lengthy?

We accelerate the transaction time by offering an alternative sole-source procurement approach. Save the time and cost of a competitive procurement process with our unique contracting approach.