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CCC works with countries where the specific circumstances of a proposed project have resulted in a failed competitive procurement process or where there is an expectation that public tendering may not result in a successful project delivery.  CCC also works with countries where the potential for risk and corruption justify a government to government solution, specifically a directed contract solution.  Finally, CCC works with countries where the sensitivity and urgency of the acquisition is suited to a collaborative government to government contracting approach. 

The CCC approach has a special quality that significantly reduces risk for a purchasing government. The risks reduced are those that would normally be associated with an open call for proposals, including the confidential nature of certain acquisitions, the investment in substantial up-front tender preparation costs, and the commercial risk and potential delay of the award of a contract to an, as yet, unidentified party. 

Most nations’ procurement laws and regulations include exceptions for urgent acquisitions and for acquisitions for national security purposes – which allow the use of government to government arrangements.  Aside from the avoidance of extensive tender costs and time delays, there are many elements inherent in the CCC  approach that provides value across a balanced score card of success factors.