Enterprise Risk Management

As it works in a variety of sectors in markets around the world, CCC has implemented a robust Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) policy to understand, manage and communicate risk from an organization-wide perspective. Involving employees from all levels of the Corporation and embedded in day-to-day operations, ERM ensures a risk culture fully aligned with CCC’s strategic objectives.

Management uses CCC’s ERM process to:

  • Identify business risks faced on a day-to-day and strategic basis
  • Consistently analyze risks for likelihood of occurrence and potential impact
  • Establish formal systems to minimize and monitor risk
  • Communicating risks throughout the Corporation
  • Develop risk profiles at key levels
  • Report changes to CCC’s risk portfolio to the Board of Directors

Corporate social responsibility

The Canadian Commercial Corporation is committed to a Corporate Social Responsibility policy that helps us operate in an environmentally, socially and ethically responsible manner. As the Corporation does business around the world on behalf of both the Government of Canada and Canada’s exporters, it’s critical that we carefully consider all the implications of our business activities—both at home and abroad. Our employees annually sign the Code of Conduct and Business Ethics, and we ensure we represent Canada and our export community proudly and ethically.

Bribery and corruption

The Corporation is subject to the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act, which stipulates that bribing other countries’ government employees is a criminal activity. All of our contracts with Canadian suppliers include a clause specifically forbidding such acts. Should a Canadian supplier be found bribing a government official while under a CCC contract, the Corporation reserves the right to impose various sanctions.

For more information, please see the Department of Justice’s guide to the Act, which can be found here.

Environmental responsibility

Through the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA), the Government of Canada is committed to supporting sustainable development by assessing the environmental impact of all decisions, operations, projects and activities. Though CCC is not specifically subject to the CEAA, the Corporation has adopted the spirit and intent of the Act, and CCC will not support projects that will cause significant adverse environmental effects.