CCC's Board of Directors is led by an independent Chair and conducts its oversight functions in concert with key Board committees as follows:

Audit Committee

Deals primarily with matters related to sound financial and risk management practices, audit functions, accurate reporting, and ethical conduct of the Corporation.

  • Scott Player (Chair)
  • Andrew Saxton
  • Nicole Verkindt
  • Claude Robillard
  • Stephen Sorocky* 

Governance and Human Resources Committee

Develops and implements practices and procedures to ensure that the Board of Directors and the Corporation operate effectively and in accordance with a high standard of corporate governance.


  • Stephen Sorocky (Chair)
  • Andrew Saxton
  • Dwayne Lucas
  • ex-officio: Martin Zablocki

Operations Committee

Oversees management's development of new commercial business initiatives, particularly all capital projects and those potential contracts valued in excess of $100 million.

  • Martin Gagné (Chair)
  • Derrick Rowe
  • Daniela Bassan
  • ex officio: Martin Zablocki 
  • Stephen Sorocky*

*The Interim Chair’s attendance is not mandatory at these committee meetings