About Us

We offer commercial advocacy, collaborative project development and international contracting expertise to help Canadian exporters win contracts with governments around the world. 

Through our government to government contracting approach, we position qualified Canadian companies to win international contracts while reducing their risk and offer their government customers the assurance of the Government of Canada that the contract will be delivered per the agreed terms and conditions – guaranteed. 

Who we are

We are the Government of Canada’s government to government contracting organization. Our mission is to support the development of trade by helping Canadian exporters access government procurement markets of other nations through government to government contracting.

We are committed to being a trusted partner for acquisitions from Canada and offer our services where access, risk mitigation and competitiveness benefit from a government to government contracting approach. Our engagement on corporate social responsibility helps us operate in an environmentally, socially and ethically responsible manner when we work with our Canadian exporters and purchasing governments of other nations. 

What we do

We take on the role of prime contractor and sign contracts with governments of other nations for purchases from Canada. All the contracts we sign have the legal effect of being signed in the name of the Government of Canada.

We sign a sub-contract and flow the contractual commitments through to our qualified Canadian exporter. As the Canadian exporter fulfils the obligations under the contract, we take on a contract oversight role and financial administration of the contract. 

How we work

We offer a strategic whole of government approach to help Canadian exporters provide foreign government buyers with Canadian expertise through government to government contracts.

Working together with our Government of Canada partners, our contracting expertise is complimented by the support of Canada’s export credit agency, Export Development Canada and commercial diplomacy of Global Affairs Canada.