One of the greatest challenges for a Canadian exporter is standing out from international competitors in the eyes of interested buyers. With CCC at your side, your proposal will benefit from the same profile as a direct purchase from the Government of Canada. When CCC is engaged as Prime Contractor on your export sale, we sign the contract with the other government buyer and then sign a back-to-back contract with you. For the buyer, this becomes a purchase from the Government of Canada, complete with assurance that the contract will be completed in accordance with its terms and conditions. For you, it’s added credibility that can help you secure more contracts worldwide.

We specialize in international contracting for complex procurements and offer governments of other nations an expedited procurement process—all of which gives you the credibility, access and backing to help secure more contracts worldwide.

Work with CCC to:

  • Increase your competitiveness and opportunity for direct contract award
  • Mitigate risk and remove onerous buyer conditions
  • Increase access to opportunities with international buyers
  • Benefit from enhanced support from the Government of Canada

In addition to the direct commercial sale approach, take the time to explore whether a government-to-government contract might be advantageous for you.