Defence and Security – How we support exporters

With years of experience in global defence markets, CCC gives Canadian companies unparalleled access to export opportunities around the world. We have developed contacts and relationships with allied governments around the world. Our 60 years of experience has earned us the trust of foreign defence departments: we turn that trust into opportunity for Canadian exporters.

Capable Canadian suppliers can take advantage of our relationships and status to access direct, government-to-government contracts that would otherwise be out of reach. At the same time, we give defence departments the reassurance and security of dealing with an entity of the Government of Canada.

Our involvement mitigates risk for both parties and—through our guidance during negotiations—helps ensure the best possible deal for both parties.

Projects we’ve supported

CCC has worked with governments around the world on a wide variety of defence and aerospace projects including:

  • Aircraft life extension for the Royal Norwegian Air Force
  • Bell Helicopters for a South Asian allied nation
  • Infrared missile defence system for the ships of the Royal Netherlands Navy
  • Sonobuoys to the U.S. Navy
  • Helicopter engineering services for the U.S. Navy
  • Flight simulators for the Italian Ministry of Defence
  • Gas masks for the Royal Netherlands Army
  • Canadarm for NASA
  • Communications and underwater detection equipment for the U.S. Navy
  • Light armoured vehicles to the Colombian Ministry of Defence