Because procurement practices vary widely from government to government, we recommend you contact us if you are interested in pursuing an international procurement opportunity. Our experienced contracting professionals will bring valuable expertise to your team.

Preparing your bid: Prerequisites

We’re looking for capable, innovative Canadian companies. To begin the conversation, Canadian companies need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have been in business for at least two years
  • Have at least two years of Canadian sales
  • Have a proven record in the relevant sector
  • Demonstrate financial stability, technical proficiency and managerial capability
  • Have contacts in the targeted country

During the pre-qualification process, we’ll ask for your:

  • Past three years of audited financial statements
  • Latest interim financial statement
  • Company cash flow
  • Company history

Once you’ve decided to pursue an infrastructure or defence contract with the government of another nation and passed through our pre-qualification process, CCC can issue a Letter of Introduction to the appropriate contact. We can then work with you on your proposal—providing our insight into making your bid as strong as possible.

As part of your bid submission, we’ll include a Letter of Support stating that if the offer is accepted, the Government of Canada will back the delivery of the contract at the quoted price—minimizing the risk to the buyer and increasing your chances of success. As part of our contract with you, we can also provide an in-country briefing to the buyer, should their government be unfamiliar with CCC’s services.

Complying with international standards

With some procurement opportunities, your company may need to comply with certain International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards. This process can take time, so we recommend contacting the ISO early in your preparation. Visit the ISO website for more information.

For NATO-specific or US DoD-specific purchases, click here.

Security clearance

Some contracts—particularly those in the aerospace or defence sectors—require security clearance from the Canadian & International Industrial Security Directorate (CIISD), an organization under Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC). Please note that security screening is occasionally a lengthy process, and requires sponsorship from a Canadian Federal Government department or agency. Visit the CIISD’s website for more information.

Fulfilling the contract

When a contract is won, we sign directly with the purchasing government and then sign a back-to-back contract flowing through all the terms and conditions to you. You’ll be responsible for fulfilling the Domestic Contract. Once the project has been delivered, you’ll bill CCC directly. We’ll pay you according to the terms and conditions of the contract, and the payment terms of the buyer.

Our fee structure

We employ a full-time team of experienced contract personnel with specialized knowledge in a wide range of markets and industries. Our mandate is to support Canadian exporters and expertise, and our fees allow us to deliver superior service and consistently exceed the expectations of our clients.

For international infrastructure projects and non-U.S. defence contracts, our fee is divided into two parts. Should the contract be awarded, we have a variable cost for any pre-contract activities including project promotion, bid preparation, contract structuring and negotiation, and we have a fixed cost for post-contract award, contract monitoring and administration services.

When in our Prime Contractor role, our variable cost calculations take a number of conditions into account: contract duration, complexity and the contract environment (including the geo-political risk, company management experience, nature of the export, and the contract size in relation to company equity).