United States

Armatec of London, Ontario, is a pioneer in the field of holistic survivability, and continues to set the standard for armoured vehicle crew protection. Armatec has designed and manufactured products for the US Marine Corps. Orders for the  U.S. have steadily increased leading to the opening of a new facility in Dorchester, Ontario.

General Dynamics Land Systems Canada (GDLS-C) of London, Ontario, provides the full spectrum of land and amphibious combat systems, subsystems and components worldwide. GDLS-C is able to provide a wide variety of vehicle configurations and variants, all on a common chassis. Their light armoured vehicles (LAV) have been the mainstay of the Canadian and U.S. armed Forces, and have been used in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

G.T. Machining and Fabricating Ltd. of Napanee, Ontario, is a diversified manufacturer serving domestic and export markets in the automotive, industrial, consumer products and military sectors. G.T. Machining has supplied the U.S. Army with essential Bridge Adapter Pallets and Enhanced Container Handling Units.

Héroux-Devtek, based in Longueuil, Quebec, serves the global aerospace, commercial and military markets by supplying landing gear systems and airframe components, and has provided these services to the U.S. Air Force. The company also supplies the industrial market with large components for power generation equipment and precision components for various industrial applications.

Ultra Electronics TCS Inc. of Montreal, Quebec is providing the U.S. Army with state-of-the-art tactical communications equipment and technical support services. Such opportunities contribute to maintaining and improving the company’s position as one of the top companies in the world that develops, designs, manufactures and integrates complex tactical communications solutions.

One of CCC’s longest standing space contracts for NASA has been for the Magellan/Bristol Black Brant sounding rocket, which due to its 98% success rate, remains one of the most reliable sounding rockets ever built. Since 1962, more than 1,000 Black Brants have been launched, most of which were launched by NASA. These sounding rockets can carry payloads from 70 to 850kg, to altitudes from 150 to 1500km. The current Black Brant XII variant consists of four stages. The Black Brant sounding rockets have supported research into the Earth’s atmosphere, the aurora, deep space, and micro-gravity experiments of up to 20 minutes. The year 2012 marks the 50th anniversary of this extremely successful venture.