Achievements and History

Achievements: International Commercial Business

CCC works to connect Canadian companies with governments of other countries looking to complete the full range of infrastructure projects. Highlights include:

  • A large number of projects currently being developed in Latin America and Africa.
  • CCC is acting as the Prime Contractor to facilitate the design, engineering, procurement, installation and start-up of a turn-key, 132 MW power generation plant in Ghana.
  • Working with Canada’s Aecon Construction, the Corporation won a significant contract to design and build Ecuador’s New Quito International Airport in 2005.
  • The Corporation won a contract with the World Health Organization for insect spraying in West Africa.

History: International Commercial Business

  • 1946: CCC is created as a Crown Corporation by an Act of Parliament. Its mandate is to support the reconstruction of post-World War II Europe, led by the U.S. under the Marshall Plan.
  • 1998: Due to an increased interest from Canadian suppliers in international opportunities, CCC introduces the Prime Contractor service, tailored for international public sector infrastructure projects.
  • 2000: CCC’s International Commercial Business line expands to include information and communications technologies, capital projects, transportation technologies, electrical power equipment, and training services.
  • 2006: The Corporation upgrades its rigorous due diligence process to provide even further assurance in its Prime Contractor role.
  • 2009: Canadian engineering companies’ interest grows in working with a Government of Canada partner for international public procurement projects.