U.S. Department of Defense and NASA

CCC helps Canada live up to its responsibilities as an active partner in North America’s integrated defence industrial base. Every year, CCC manages an average of $1 billion in contracts for goods and services to be delivered by Canadian companies to the U.S. DoD and NASA. In doing so, we play an important role in maintaining a secure, integrated North American defence industrial base.

As the largest security and defence buyer in the world, the U.S. is a vital market for Canadian companies selling internationally. CCC plays an active role in managing this valued relationship and keeping the market open to Canadian enterprises. Over the past 55 years, Canada’s DPSA contracts have totalled more than $30 billion.

Administering the Defence Production Sharing Agreement (DPSA)

Since the Canada–U.S. DPSA was signed in 1956, CCC has administered this agreement on behalf of the Government of Canada, working to ensure Canadian companies remain an integral part of the North American defence industrial base for procurements from the U.S. DoD. CCC is specifically exempted in the United States’ Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) 225.872-1, levelling the playing field for Canadian and American companies accessing U.S. DoD contracts.

Under DPSA, CCC acts as Prime Contractor on most U.S. DoD and NASA contracts valued above the simplified acquisition threshold of $150,000 USD. CCC assesses suppliers’ technical, managerial and financial capabilities, while Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) provides a fair and reasonable price evaluation. When a bid is won or awarded on a sole source basis to a Canadian company, CCC signs the contract directly with the U.S. DoD or NASA, providing the full backing and endorsement of the Canadian government. We assure that the contract is delivered on time, on budget and meeting all terms and conditions—mitigating risk to the U.S. DoD.