Agreements, Regulations and Policies

Under the Defence Production Sharing Agreement (DPSA), Canadian companies have almost full access to U.S. Department of Defense (U.S. DoD) opportunities. The Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) is exempt from Buy America provisions, and any contract above the simplified acquisition threshold of $150,000 USD is usually contracted through CCC.

Below, you’ll find many of the key resources, regulations, policies and standards related to contracting with the U.S. DoD through CCC.

Document Details
Defence Production Sharing Agreement (DPSA) U.S. DoD contracts with Canadian suppliers will be contracted through CCC to ensure access
Defence Development Sharing Agreement (DDSA) Promotes joint U.S.-Canadian funding of research and development projects involving Canadian companies and the U.S. DoD
NASA Letter of Agreement Expands the advantages of the DPSA to contracts involving NASA
North American Technology and Industrial Base Organization (NATIBO) Dedicated to promoting an integrated North American industrial defence base serving the security needs of both Canada and the U.S.
Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation (DFARS) U.S. policies and procedures regulating defence acquisitions and procurement
DFARS 225.870 Stipulates that most U.S. DoD purchases from Canada over the simplified acquisition threshold must go through CCC
DFARS 225.870-1(a) Ensures all commitments, obligations and covenants of CCC under any contract are guaranteed by the Government of Canada
DFARS 225.872-1 Implements the waiver of the Buy America Act for Canadian materials and suppliers used in defence goods and services
DFARS 252.225-7013 Provides duty-free entry into the US of Canadian supplies being delivered to the US DoD
U.S. DoD Instruction 2035.01 Outlines Defense Economic Cooperation with Canada
NASA Office of Procurement Information about NASA procurement opportunities, policies and regulations
FedBizOpps Searchable database of current business opportunities with the U.S. Federal Government
NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code (NCAGE) Five (5) character ID code used by US Department of Defense for registration of all suppliers. The NCAGE code is a unique code for identifying facilities and locations.
DD FORM 2345 Registration form for the US-Canada Joint Certification Office (JCO) that allows for unclassified Military Critical Technical Data (MCTD) to pass between the US and Canada.