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Key Contacts

Sector Directors

Information and communications technology Sector Director
Jeff Tasseron Mail Telephone 613-992-3082 Linked In 

Cleantech Sector Director
Rob James Mail Telephone 613-996-0161 Linked In 

Defence Sector Director
Colleen Mapendere Mail Telephone 613-943-2982 Linked In 

Infrastructure Sector Director
Christian Dechamplain Mail Telephone 613-995-1608 Linked In 

Aerospace Sector Director
Dave Wheeler  Telephone 613-995-9349 Linked In 

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Regional Directors

Africa and Europe Regional Director 
Don Olsen  Telephone 613-995-0946 Linked In 

Asia Regional Director
Yvonne Chin  Telephone 613-286-6561 Linked In 

Caribbean and Central America Regional Director
Luc Allary  Telephone 613‐799‐6788 Linked In 

Middle East Regional Director
Michael Cessford  Telephone 613‐995‐9787 Linked In 

South America Regional Director
Francois Payeur  Telephone 613-219-6190 Linked In 

Global Regional Director
Andrew Shisko  Telephone 613-992-8802 Linked In 

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Denisa Horak Mail Telephone 613‐995‐0710 Linked In 


Matthew Larivière Mail Telephone 613‐996‐6486 Linked In 

Jonathan McAuley Mail Telephone 613‐943‐4901 Linked In 

Strategic Business Development and Marketing

Susannah Denovan Fortier Mail Telephone 613‐992‐8945 Linked In 

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Vice President of Business Development

Ian McLeod Mail Telephone 613-996-0262 Linked In